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White Hat SEO Service in Web Positioning Techniches

Within SEO practices, the so-called “white hat” stands out, White Hat, which is a set of actions that are carried out ethically to position websites organically (without paying search engines). These are opposite activities to those known as Black Hat, which are not suitable for both search engines and user experience.I am Emdadul Hoque who provides best white hat seo service to gain organic traffic for website or blog.

A part of the “white hat” terminology, also called ethical SEO, refers to the use of optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus on a human audience, while fully following search engine rules and policies. For example, a website that is optimized for search engines with white hat SEO focuses on relevance, user experience, content quality, UX design, and site loading speed.

White Hat SEO is frequently used by those who intend to make a medium and long-term investment in their website.


White Hat SEO will position a web page with certain keywords and searches. But what differs from Black Hat is in the way it is carried out; the first uses “legal” tactics in the eyes of search engines, always keeping users in mind. In addition to making the source code of the page is easy to read for search engines. So, it also seeks to create interesting and attractive content to obtain links naturally. While the followers of Black Hat buy the links, they do not optimize the site or use strategies such as hidden links, excessive use of keywords, invasive pop ups, among others.

White Hat is developed with more laborious but natural techniques that focus on branding, on attracting traffic. Some examples of white hat techniques include the use and analysis of keywords, building links to improve their popularity, content written for human readers, use of social networks, responsive design focused on the user experience, among others.

Characteristics that cannot be missing to implement White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is only made up of those legitimate tools necessary for Google positioning. Therefore, most of these tools are aimed at creating a better user experience. White Hat SEO, unlike Black Hat SEO, can meet search engine goals for websites to stand out.

Likewise, it is important to make it clear that not all techniques work 100% in all cases, since their effectiveness depends on the following characteristics:

  • The market niche
  • The objectives
  • the competition
  • The strategy to be implemented

Therefore, when it comes to Digital Marketing, these tactics cannot be missing, since they are the ones that work most efficiently.So Emdadul hoque gives you white hat seo service to get google ranking for your desired keywords.

Higher quality content

Since content is the basis of this marketing strategy, it must be able to connect with the public.

People enter the internet with some objectives, and among them are social interaction and finding information related to a need.

So, based on the last of the suggestions, content is one of the best ways to satisfy those desires for information, while making use of White Hat SEO.

In fact, when Google detects that content is of good quality, it immediately considers that content as original. Therefore, when Google detects that a content is duplicated in the search engines, only the one with the previous date can be seen. Since it will hide what is considered a copy.

Why is it better to carry out White Hat Seo strategies?

In today’s post, we are going to explain what the bad practices that the “black hat” encompasses. And why it is preferable that you use white for your SEO strategy.

Let’s first refresh the fundamental concept: SEO is a discipline of digital marketing that applies various techniques to improve the organic ranking of a website in search results. The objective is that said site appears as high as possible in the results thrown by a search engine.

Why? Well, because it is proven that less than 10% of users who perform a search, reach the second page of Google results. Therefore, if you want to gain visibility, it is essential that your site appears among the first results that Google throws up. This is what will allow you to direct quality traffic to your website, from which qualified leads, conversions and an increase in sales will emerge.

As we mentioned, the techniques applied to achieve this desired positioning can be grouped into two groups: White Hat or Black Hat. The former adapt to the quality guidelines indicated by Google, while the latter look for shortcuts to obtain a good position more quickly. What is the problem then with Black Hat SEO? Because Google penalizes their strategies, using them is risky.

Google Algorithm Update

For years, Google has updated its algorithm to identify all those techniques that try to manipulate its results, punishing the websites that use them, and always prioritizing those that use SEO techniques recommended by the search engine. Basically, these consist of creating quality and relevant content for the user and are called White Hat. They require some effort and the results they generate are seen in the medium-long term.

Black Hat techniques ignore this process and use more or less aggressive techniques to quickly obtain a good position. They do not consider the most important consideration for Google: how to create content of value for the user.

Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

In the following sections, we will discuss black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid in order to maintain a good online reputation and long-term successs:

– Keyword stuffing

It consists of including a keyword in an unnatural way, the maximum number of times on a certain page.A keyword should be used as many times as possible, in order to maximize its density. Google no longer attaches so much importance to keyword density, and even penalizes excessive use. The most appropriate thing is to write texts in a natural way and use synonyms.

– Content copy

Google is very clear in this regard: quality content is equal to original content. So forget about copying to other pages and create your own texts. If Google detects duplicate content, it will show the one with the previous date and will hide the alleged copies.

– Purchase of expired domains

Buying expired domains consists of acquiring already expired domains that still have good positioning and authority, and redirecting them to the website of interest.

– Spam comments

This bad practice consists of leaving comments on websites or blogs including a link to a certain website. Google considers it spam, because said link is not inserted naturally.

– Hidden content

To insert a large number of keywords without the user noticing it, you can use the same color as the page’s background.Google Bot (the robot that crawls websites to explore content and index it) does perceive it, as it is an expert in detecting hidden content and/or links.

As you can see, all these practices lose sight of what Google values ??most: the creation of quality content and prioritizing the user.

This is where you should focus if you want stable results. Black Hat SEO strategies are only going to provide you with short-term results that are likely to be penalized. But something leads to a notable drop in both your positioning and your online reputation.

If you want to practice White Hat SEO, don’t forget, focus on quality content and your users. This is something that we at NothingAD SEO Agency are very clear about. So if you need to develop a quality SEO strategy that will give you the best results, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to create good content through White Hat SEO?

BluCactus – professional man thinking

Investigate and analyze the type of content that interests your audience to put White Hat SEO into practice. Subsequently, solve the doubts that your target audience has through different means. They are articles, publications on social networks, ebooks, infographics, among others.

Content creation is based on two main elements:

  • Originality
  • Usefulness.

By applying these two notions, users will find your content useful. They will be encouraged to recommend your website and share your articles on social networks.

Google recommends that you include interesting content on your website as part of its White Hat SEO practices. This and other search engines take into account the websites that are visited frequently. Besides, the ones that they stay on the longest. For what reason? Because this indicates that the information on these websites is useful to users.

In this way, according to the valuation, a search engine gives to your website. So, it will rise in the position of the search results.

Keywords are essential for a good use of White Hat SEO

They are known for being the basis of a content marketing strategy or, better said, the result that the analysis of user searches yields.

A keyword is something like a kind of code, a set of specific words that give rise to the main results in search engines.

The compilation of these words requires an in-depth study. And their selection is made according to the subject of the content.

Here are 4 ways to optimize your site with White Hat SEO

After learning the importance of white hat SEO, you can start using these techniques to optimize your site. Let’s take a look at four tips to help you use white hat SEO effectively.

Focus on building your brand

The brand of your company plays an integral role in its identity. You want people to know about your brand and become familiar with it. Brand familiarity will help you get more valuable leads for your business.

Create a website that lets your audience see your brand. You should choose design colors that reflect your business and help your audience become familiar with your brand.

Brand recognition is essential because it leads to more conversions in the future. When people remember your brand, they are more likely to choose you over the competition when it comes time to convert. Customers want to buy and invest in brands that are familiar to them.

Building a brand with SEO can help you reach more people. Through link building, you will help more people find your brand and learn about it.

Additionally, SEO allows you to rank for keywords that are relevant to your brand. You can create content using keywords for your brand and showcase your brand through your content.


Focus on long-tail keywords when doing keyword research

White hat SEO techniques include keyword research and integration.. To reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your business, you’ll want to integrate long-tail keywords.

To do it right, you need to focus on long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords have three or more words. They are extremely specific, thus generating leads who are precisely searching for your products or services. “Plumbers in Kansas, Mo” is an example of a long-tail keyword.

This long-tail keyword is specific and indicates the user’s search intent. Someone searching for “plumbers in Harrisburg, PA” is specifically looking for a plumber in the Harrisburg area.

If someone were to search for “plumber”, they wouldn’t know what they were expecting to find. They could be looking for a plumber, how to become a plumber, or general plumbing information.

Your site gets more traffic if you select long-tail keywords. It’s the best way to attract valuable leads to your page.

Provide your audience with unique and valuable content..

Content creation strongly impacts your SEO ranking. When you create content, you increase traffic to your website and drive more leads to your page. As you create content, make sure it’s unique and valuable to your audience.

In other words, you don’t want to create content simply for the sake of creating content.The information you provide should be valuable and helpful to your audience. People don’t want thin content that barely scratches the surface, but rather in-depth content that is informative and all-encompassing.

Content marketing also requires constant posting. This constant posting leads some companies to duplicate their content to make it look like they are posting new material when they are not. Content duplication is a black hat SEO technique, and you’ll want to avoid it.

Instead, continually do keyword research to find new topics to cover. You can choose the format that best suits your topic, including blogs, videos, infographics, and e-books. You’ll want to create these different content formats on a regular basis to ensure you maintain an effective content marketing campaign.

So what are the characteristics of quality content?

  • Your audience will find it easy to read and understand
  • Match search intent
  • It has an exciting headline that grabs the attention of your audience.
  • Besides,it has a compelling meta description that entices your audience to click through and learn more.
  • It includes visual elements that make the content more attractive.
  • Provides complete and detailed information on a topic.

These are all characteristics of quality content. If you want to get the best results from white hat SEO techniques, make sure the content you create is authentic, fresh, and informative.

The checking site lists:
  • WebFX SEO Checker
  • Site speed analysis
  • content grade
  • URL optimization check
  • Page Link Audit
search engine optimization

Create quality internal links to increase dwell time.

White hat SEO also includes strategic internal linking. Links play an essential role in keeping potential customers on your site longer.

You can link to related pages within your text when creating pages on your website. You can link to relevant pages by looking at the critical terms you use in your content. If these key terms have a similar page, you can link to them within your text.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a page on the best desserts to bake for parties. Your first dessert is brownies, and you know you have a page on how to make a lot of brownies. You could link to that page within your content when you mention making a big batch of brownies for a party.

These internal links are essential to your site because they keep potential customers on your page longer. People will spend time reviewing your content and learning more about specific topics by clicking on the links. It’s an effective way to keep potential customers engaged on your page longer.

By building quality links, you will increase the time spent on your site and send a positive signal to Google. Google will increase your website ranking to help you reach more traffic as your page is relevant to the search query.Your business will grow and your rankings will improve using this white hat SEO technique.

Take advantage of White Hat SEO today to drive resultsy

If you want your website to thrive in organic search results, you need to invest in white hat SEO. Your website will appear in more relevant search results with white hat SEO, helping you attract more prospects. If you’re looking for an SEO company that can help you implement these white hat techniques, look no further than WebFX.

We are a full service digital marketing company specializing in white hat SEO techniques. We have a team of over 200 experts to help you optimize your site so it appears in more relevant search results. Our team of experts will help you integrate white hat SEO techniques to grow your business.

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What is White Hat SEO?

The definitions of this term can be multiple. But we will say that White Hat SEO is the name given to techniques that are considered ethical, correct and that comply with the guidelines imposed by search engines to position a web page.

White hat SEO uses, in fact, transparent methods that work within the guidelines set by search engines. In this way, you will guarantee that users receive results that are truly useful and relevant to them, ensuring high-quality content, and maintaining the integrity of the website (and the domain, in particular) at the same time.

Basically, the aspects to take into account are those we know in traditional SEO, and they are, among others, the following:

  • Well optimized content
  • Very fast loading times
  • Content Authenticity
  • Good quality keywords
  • Clear and concise meta descriptions
  • easy navigability

In itself, a website that keeps up with the indications of the search engines, will have a much better chance of positioning itself than those that do not. This is one of the most interesting arguments that Google has imposed to justify the constant changes it makes to its directives.

So much so that these changes, as we know, are intended to put a stop to websites that use “cheating” or fraudulent practices to appear more easily in the top positions.

Why do White Hat SEO?

Google is, by definition, the king of search engines. Its metrics to establish the positions that websites will occupy in its SERPs reach more than 200 and, added to this, it performs more than two billion searches per year.

It is logical to think that it handles a truly abysmal amount of information, and therefore, respecting its rules should be the norm for any site that wants to reach the highest positions.

In itself, White Hat SEO is extremely useful since it is the only “correct” way, successful and sustainable over time to move up in organic search results. Hence the fact of the importance of sticking to the rules imposed by the right path. Now, the question “Why do White Hat SEO?” it is captious since it has two ways of responding. You could ask yourself why do White Hat SEO both justifying that it is correct to do it, and asking why choose that path and not the Black Hat one. And, actually, “both questions” are valid.


Basically you can apply, for example, a link building strategy from a White Hat perspective in the medium or long term, and believe us it will give you good results. But you can also incur in practices that can be penalized by Google… if you do them wrong. This path will undoubtedly speed up the process, and if you do it in a highly effective way, you may not incur a penalty. The decision to take the easy way out and risk your site’s rankings is entirely up to you. The secret is simply not to abuse, be consistent and progressive.

Now, before mentioning the advantages of performing SEO from a White Hat perspective, we have to make sure that you understand the only benefit of its antagonist: the speed with which results can be seen.

Benefits of White Hat SEO

As expected, doing things well, respecting the times that each step must take, and complying with the pre-established rules, has its benefits.

Here are some of them.

The reputation of your brand is assured

Employing techniques that demonstrate that you are 100% compliant with search engine guidelines is a critical step in achieving and maintaining your brand’s visibility in organic search. Although, as we said, SEO actions that flout the rules get quick results, surely Google will not take long to detect them… and it will not do so with a smile.

Organic visibility

This is another of the advantages of White Hat SEO that will make you grow over time. Websites using White Hat SEO techniques do not experience “roller coaster” rankings. In other words, if they offer their audience great content and a positive interactive experience, there is nothing to fear. Remember: slow and steady, you win the race.

Smart Investment

White Hat SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that can deliver sustainable results. Yes, perhaps tactics that don’t “play fair” can bring quick results, but they will only last until Google filters or bans your website from being searched. So, you will need to reinvest again. Why not start well from the beginning?

Useful and optimized content

Another of the main advantages of White Hat SEO that we can find is that it makes your website and its contents optimized. In this way they will be able to attract users and provide them with quality information

Examples of White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO covers many aspects of search engine optimization, but the main examples are content, design, and HTML code.


Offering content that resolves the concerns and doubts of users is essential to increase our acquisitions. Also, showing original and useful content is the best way to get links from other pages.


It consists of creating a careful and elegant design that is adapted to any device and facilitates the user experience. If our website is not responsive, search engines will consider that it is outdated or that it does not meet usability standards.


The better the structure of the HTML code and the closer it is to good practices and standards, Internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! will give greater relevance to our website.

We can also mention other examples of White Hat SEO such as image optimization, internal link building, indexable content, and avoiding no-follow links.

Main techniques of White Hat SEO

In positioning campaigns we can use some White Hat SEO techniques capable of achieving amazing results in a short time. Let’s see, therefore, what are these White Hat SEO techniques.


Link Juice is a Link Building technique that consists of creating backlinks from a well-positioned page to another page with a lower page rank or page authority. In this way, part of the page rank of site A is “transferred” to site B.

Create a blog

Creating a blog for our website is one of the best White Hat SEO techniques. In the first place, because it considerably increases the traffic of our website and serves as a “vehicle” between the site and social networks. In addition, it facilitates organic positioning, since blogs usually earn a high page authority on their own.

Use long tail keywords

Long tail keywords usually have more meaning within the text and a more complete syntax. In addition, using them avoids us having to go to several keywords to cover related ideas. More and more, search engines hold well-written, meaningful texts in higher esteem. This is something that we must take advantage of in our positioning campaigns.

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